Back in the day, President Trump wasn’t aware of the huge importance of the Trump Coin. He approved the coin under one condition- to be FREE, so every patriot can have it.

This made Democrats angry. Why? Because the coin’s price is expected to skyrocket over $400 when he’s back in office. Thousands of Democrats order these coins because of financial reasons and millions of patriots ordered them to show their strong hope and support to the patriotic ideology represented by President Trump.

Pelosi and Schummer launched a whole campaign to ban this coin via social media. Big Tech also joined forces with them and use their bots to spread misinformation and devalue the coin. However, they just cannot stop the patriotic wave.

This is the only approved and legitimate Trump Coin among the myriad of fake coins!

The Trump Coin is a symbol of loyalty, dedication and support. It is worth much more for the true American patriots and Trump supporters.

Because of the brilliant Trump rally in the following 24h the Trump Coin will be free, so all of those who missed their chance to order are able to do it now.

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